How to solve the problem of aluminum alloy rapid prototype deformation

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rapid prototyping is only a sample of the product. In the process of use, excessive external forces, temperature, and environmental factors can cause rapid prototyping to appear in cracks or deformation. How to maintain aluminum rapid prototype?

After all, rapid prototyping is only a sample of the product. In the process of use, excessive external forces, temperature, and environmental factors can cause rapid prototyping to appear in cracks or deformation. How to maintain aluminum rapid prototype? What kind of precautions can better ensure that they are not deformed? How to avoid rapid prototyping deformation during the rapid prototyping process and cause the entire product to be scrapped?

The detailed analysis of rapid prototype model deformation is as follows:

1. Reasons for cracks in aluminum alloy rapid prototype

Most cracks in aluminum alloy rapid prototypes occur because the internal stress cracks are greater than the maximum capacity of the rapid prototype. There is a crack in the rapid prototype. This is an irreparable loss and should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Why is the aluminum alloy rapid prototype deformed?

The internal stress of the rapid prototype will cause the rapid prototype to be uneven, and the rapid prototype will be deformed.

The three major methods to prevent rapid prototype deformation are explained in detail below:

First, to prevent rapid prototype deformation, the thickness of the rapid prototype and the shape of the symmetrical force should be applied during the design. The simultaneous solidification method is used in the casting process. This method reduces the internal stress of the rapid prototype to prevent deformation. In addition, the long-form aluminum alloy rapid prototyping measures are prevented by the anti-deformation method. The principle is to eliminate the stress of the rapid prototyping by the amount of pre-deformation in which the rapid prototyping has equal but opposite directions.

After the rapid prototype is deformed, there is a certain residual stress in it. Stresses should be removed before rapid prototyping. Stress annealing and natural aging can be used to eliminate internal stress.

Second, the rapid prototyping thermal cracks are mostly caused by mechanical stress, and are caused by metal solidification. The solution is to improve the rapid prototyping structure so that it has fewer surfaces in contact with the metal. Another method is to increase the hot brittleness of the metal while controlling the sulfur content of the metal.

Third, rapid prototype cracks are cracks produced at low temperatures. This is due to the rapid prototype deformation, which often occurs where the rapid prototype is stretched. The cracks are generally small. Cracks often occur when processing large and thin rapid prototypes. Similarly, precautions are also taken to reduce internal stresses and control the amount of phosphorus in metals.

Rapid Prototyping In the process of machining, rapid prototypes that do not deform are those that require experienced rapid prototype personnel to better handle the internal stresses of the rapid prototype and other factors that cause rapid prototype deformation. The master of rapid prototyping should handle the stress and balance, adjust the proportion of sulfur and phosphorus in the metal, optimize the structure of the rapid prototype, and reduce the impact of metal heat on the rapid prototype.

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