Vacuum casting process | 3D Print Silicone Molding

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Polyurethane vacuum casting is a great way to make

Overmolding for Vacuum Casting Prototypes

Polyurethane vacuum casting is a great way to make quick-turnaround rapid prototypes. Solid master patterns are used to cast soft silicone rubber molds, and these molds yield up to twenty copies of the original with excellent surface finishes and only a minimal...If you have many mass production ,choose injection is best - silicone mold for aluminum casting.

Nowadays, the world advocates environmental protection, and the selection of silicone molds is also very much. The silicone mold is a very environmentally friendly process, and the products produced are transparent, and can also be made according to the color specified by the customer. The color selectivity is more than that of the injection molding. In terms of silicone molds, the production time is very fast. Generally, it can be finished on the same day. It can achieve higher precision products, and the surface of the product is very smooth. It is not necessary to make surface treatment again. If other special surfaces are needed, we You can also choose to make a spray paint. 

In general, vacuum casting is very advantageous for the production of prototypes and the production of small batches.

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