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With improvements in extrusion processes came a significant increase...

With improvements in extrusion processes came a significant increase in the amount of cut and finish manufacturing projects that could be completed. This dramatic risk was particularly notable within the automotive industry. However, the auto industry is not the only one that has adopted aluminum extrusion and enjoyed its benefits. While wires and pipes were the bulk of the earliest short run extrusions, today that can be found in diverse environments spanning the high-tech aerospace industry to sporting goods and more.

The industrial sector — particularly the automotive business — was the recipient of much of this newfound supply of aluminum but it was not its sole focus. During the first and second world wars, aluminum extrusion and its ability to reduce lead times made it possible for aircraft to be manufactured quickly and accurately. It was this reliance on aluminum extrusion that served as a propellant of the method beyond its use in the automotive, military and aerospace industries. While still heavily in use in these industries today, the process is also used extensively in everything from consumer goods to housing and more.